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3 December 2016
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19 January 2016
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Working with Pharo on the Raspberry Pi

13 January 2016
Hardware is getting cheaper and many new small devices like the famous Raspberry Pi provide new computation power that was one once only available on regular desktop computers.

The sad story of unclassified blog posts

13 January 2016
So sad that I can read this.

Brick on top of Bloc - Preview

13 January 2016
We are happy to announce the first preview version of Brick, a new widget set created from scratch on top of Bloc. Brick is being developed primarily by Alex Syrel (together with Alain Plantec, Andrei Chis and myself), and the work is sponsored by ESUG. Brick is part of the Glamorous Toolkit effort and will provide the basis for the new versions of the development tools.

Report Pharo Sprint

13 January 2016
Friday, June 12 there was a Pharo sprint / Moose dojo. It was a nice event with more than 15 motivated sprinters. With the help of candies, cakes and chocolate, huge work has been done

Welcome in Ebis TinyBlog

16 January 2016
TinyBlog is a small blog engine made with Pharo.
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